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ISB Solutions 

This software provides unique service solutions to resolve problems encountered by tech startups while building a startup. With the these key features, tech startups would be able to resolve their struggles easier.

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Messaging Feature

The Messaging feature will cover everything the startups need to launch a product and how to bring the product to market. This will include go-to-market strategies, sales pre, channels, getting the word through messaging and documenting the process. The software will have a step by step guide and a framework which will enable a smooth launch. There will be different processes to follow during the launch preparation this will include, stating your goal and KPIs, objectives, budget, timeline, creating a roadmap for the launch, promotional channels

Target Audience Feature

Identifying Target Audience features will analyze the problem you are trying to solve and get you data on your tech startups target audience. This software will get your target audience location, age, gender, purchase intention, interests and subculture and ways you can target that specific audience. This information is helpful in understanding the customer and how they make purchase decisions.

Competitors Feature

This feature will provide data and insights tailored to your specific market space/industry. This feature will generate insights to the gap in the market, uncover market trends, perform a SWOT analysis,  help research your competitors sales tactic and result and uncover the content strategy and to engage with users.

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