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Introducing ISB SOLUTION by Information Systems Builder

On August 2nd 2022 we announced Information Systems Builder to the world. Over the past few months we have made it our mission to help tech startups with their marketing, branding and messaging so they can thrive and compete in a rapidly changing tech industry. We are pleased to announce Information Systems Builder has launched its first solution software, ISB SOLUTION.

This software is tailored to the needs of tech startups. We have seen a lot of great startup launches in the past with great products that have solutions to existing problems but unfortunately some of these startups do not make it to the second year due to lack of brand awareness and strategy.

This has led us to build a software that is one stop point for every marketing related problem that tech startups face from user and competitors research, to marketing tactics, content and messaging guide framework and knowing your target audience. Only tech Founders and CEOs will have access to this app

The ISB SOLUTION software will have three main features. Startups will be able to Identify Target Audience, Competitors research Insights and Messaging.

This software provides unique service solutions to resolve problems encountered by tech startups while building a startup. With these key features created by Information Systems Builder, tech startups would be able to identify who their target audience is and strategies on how to engage with them. The second feature will help tech startups identify who their competitors are and strategies on how to compete with them. And the third feature is a marketing strategy feature which will help the tech startups with brand awareness and marketing.

Identifying Target Audience.

Identifying Target Audience features will analyze the problem you are trying to solve and get you data on your tech startups target audience. This software will get your target audience location, age, gender, purchase intention, interests and subculture and ways you can target that specific audience. This information is helpful in understanding the customer and how they make purchase decisions.

Competitors Research Insights

The competitive research insights feature will be focused on helping startups gain major insights into competitors' product, sales and marketing tactics while also comparing key market metrics that help identify the difference between your product and services and those of competitors..

Competitors research insights will provide data and insights tailored to your specific market space/ industry. This feature will generate insights to the gap in the market, uncover market trends, help research your competitors sales tactic and result and uncover the content strategy and to engage with users.

This feature will help start with implementing stronger business strategies, warding off competitors, and capturing market share are just a few benefits of using this feature.


The Messaging feature will cover everything the startups need to launch a product and how to bring the product to market. This will include go-to-market strategies, sales pre, channels, getting the word through messaging and documenting the process. The software will have a step by step guide and a framework which will enable a smooth launch. There will be different processes to follow during the launch preparation this will include, stating your goal and KPIs, objectives, budget, timeline, creating a roadmap for the launch, promotional channels


The Software is easy to use with simple 4 steps, all you need is to download the app on your phone or computer. These are the four easy steps. Only Founders and CEOs have access to this app

  1. Sign up with your name and company email

  2. You will be required to put your company’s information

  3. Choose a feature or select all three features

  4. Then click the enter button and you get in depth results in just 48hours

This Software represents the biggest step Information Systems Builder has taken since launching in august of 2022. Now our customers have three options to pick in order to solve the problems they are encountering while building their company.

ISB SOLUTION will be a life saver for tech startups and their teams. If you are tired of excess research that is not tailored to your startup idea, do not know which audience to target, can’t understand the market and your competitors, too tired of reading marketing strategy fundamental tactics. You should be excited as we are. We have built a one stop point for all your marketing needs.

Available on the App Store November 28th 2022!

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