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Strategies put in place by ISB for Startups to Market their products!

San Francisco, Calif., -October 10, 2022-

Marketing is all about meeting people where they are and bringing your product to market through the right channels. With the covid 19 pandemic it’s become our reality that social media is the place where consumers go to for information about products, purchase,referrals, feedback and reviews.

This pandemic has led even the brick and mortar businesses to turn to social media to market their products. And this has led to an increase in software development and now a lot of businesses are still facing challenges to market themselves on social media and are confused about where their target customers spend most of their time.

This blog will focus on which channel tech startups should choose to market their products.

B2B companies. Are you selling to other businesses then these are the channels you target.

LinkedIn, Twitter and Youtube.

Linkedin’s platform is well-suited for product marketing in B2B, academic, or professional industries. This could be used as an organic channel and a paid channel. Using your company’s linkedin page to post about your product and services. And you could pay linkedin to promote your products.

With a branded youtube channel, you can publish video content such as demos, tutorials, or customer testimonial videos that give insightful details about why your product is valuable. Aside from creating your own videos or content you could also consider paid advertisement.

Twitter has approximately 200 million daily users from a variety of backgrounds. With a twitter account you can tweet about your product or services and film a tutorial or Q&A related to your products. And you can also decide to use the paid advertisement.

How Information Systems Builder can strategically help you market your product.

Information Systems Builder is a company specialized in marketing and since we are talking about choosing channels to market products it is just right to mention some strategies to help companies succeed with marketing their products.

Having a social media presence or paying for social media ads don’t guarantee increase in engagement, reach, sales, leads or revenue.

By using Information Systems builder you will get the right audience to target, messaging and content that will engage with your audience.

With professionals who specialize in social media engagement and reach you get qualified leads and strategies on how to nurture your prospects.

ISB Solutions which is a unique software for marketing solutions for tech startups have strategies to help you increase your revenue.

Information systems Builder has put in place strategic professionals who help you increase your leads on social media .

If you are confused as to what channels to choose to market your product, you have all these social media platforms but still not getting engagement and leads. Contact us today to start seeing changes in less than two months.

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