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Why It’s Important For Tech Startups To Have A Brand That Tells A Story and How ISB can help!

San Francisco, Calif., -October 25, 2022-

In the world of branding every single dot connects to make the bigger picture. It takes every small piece to bring it all together. This applies even to businesses, every small little detail about your company makes up your brand.

Branding is a process of researching, developing and applying distinctive features or a set of features of the organization so that consumers can begin to associate your brand with its product and service.

Branding gives your business an identity, makes your business memorable,supports your marketing and advertising efforts and brings your employees pride.

Brand strategies are an essential part of every business, since the brand is the first thing consumers see and think when purchasing a product or service. So being able to strategically use your brand to market your company is important.

Build a strong brand awareness. This makes your brand publicly recognised and for brands with a strong brand presence it is easy to sell products since the public and customers already trust the brand.

Brand extension. Most recognised and high end brands always do extension this could line extension just extending within the same line of business. When a brand has different products or more services this intent makes the brand well known.

Brand management. This is very important especially with so many social media platforms. Every brand has to manage what is put out there by company. With brand management companies are even hiring people just to manage their brand.

As a brand, your story is the most important thing that you can share with others. However, it’s also one of the hardest to write because it involves real people and their experiences.

Getting a grip on the personal story of your brand requires an intimate understanding of where your brand has come from and where it wants to be.

It also requires you to fully understand who your customer base is and what resonates with them. Finding out who your brand wants to connect with should dictate what type of story gets created within branding elements like content, logos, or taglines.

Authenticity is key when it comes to brand building and that kind of relatable authenticity comes from a level of self-awareness. Around 88% of customers say authenticity is a primary driver in choosing which brands to shop from.

Really understanding what your brand stands for builds a solid foundation to create the kind of exciting authentic storytelling that modern customers really value and help you grow.

The term 'repetition makes reputation’ isn’t just buzzwords, it's a recognition that the story you build with every action is the brand image that your customers see.

Make your brand more than just a logo

Having a recognizable brand logo is important, but not in isolation. People don’t buy Nike shoes because they love the tick.

Having a virtually impressive logo is just the start of the battle, you also have to craft the story behind that logo and connect it to what your customers value.

As more and more companies expand online and deploy an increasing number of communication channels to connect with potential customers, flashy brand images are everywhere.

The ones that really stand out and stay with people are the ones that have a convincing story attached to them. It allows you to weave far more meaning into symbols and logos, so they can help invoke your story to resonate with your customers.

How does brand storytelling fit into your strategy?

Brand storytelling is how you translate your reputation and build emotional connection into every marketing message and campaign.

Your company has been on a journey to get to this point and now it's your job to take your customers through that same journey. At Information Systems Builder By the time it's finished working on your brand, your customers should know what you stand for, where you’ve come from, where you’re going, and how they can come with you.

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